Not Bedbugs!

This poor girl, she whole heartedly thought she had bed bugs and was being eaten alive. I went over to do the inspection, the young women who answered the door was clearly stressed out and in a panic. It took several minutes to calm her down enough to be able to ask questions and get clear answers from her.

Some say calming clients is like counseling, I says it’s what needs to be done in order to do the treatment properly. Once she calmed, we did a walk through of the house inspecting the furniture and asking questions. Something wasn’t right, there were no signs, yet the environment suggested a high risk area since lots of people frequented the house. The bite marks did resemble bed bug bites, had progressed over a week and a half. The progression of bites would have suggested a minimum of 20-40 bugs.

This amount of bugs would have been seen during the inspection. I recommended she go see her doctor as soon as possible. 2 days later she came into the store in a panic once again, demanding a treatment for bedbugs, willing to pay double if it could be done asap! For sure I could have gone in and treated week after week, I could have treated simply on her demands. Of course that wasn’t the right thing to do as there was nothing to justify the treatment. If I did treat, there would be no success as nothing said it was bedbugs. I then told her to humour me by going to the doctor.

The next day I got a call stating she had chicken pox. Her doctor gave her medication for the pox which No treatment required. She wanted the treatment so bad because everyone said she needed it. Treatment cost would have been approx $700 each time and heck I could have gone over and over. good morals, bad business!


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