New rental company fail

A new company became to embarrassed to admit their wrong. The property manager said their tenants have no reason to know if there is a problem or not.
This was a well known company in Saskatchewan which I had not done much work for in the past. I was called to a suite for an inspection as they wanted to give me a try. What the tenants were telling me about the bites and where they were finding the bugs wasn’t adding up to them being the main source. I requested to inspect surrounding suites. During the inspection I found bedbugs in both suites on either side. The property manager now became difficult and was not wanting to inspect the suite across from the original suite. Finally they gave notice and once inside I discovered over 3 years worth of infestation. They were at his computer desk, sofa and bed. Not only that, since the infestation was over a year old, they were spreading, as in I found them at the door heading out. He wasn’t self treating or anything, it had been so long he just learnt to live with it. Looking back at the property mangers notes, every suite surrounding his had been treated multiple times yet somehow the problem suite never got inspected or treated.
How could this happen you ask? Well I did and their response was, “he has been a good long term problem free tenant. If there was a problem, he would tell me. Plus he is quite and doesn’t cause trouble so I leave him be”.
When a property manager, landlord, or owner says those words, I know there is an issue every time, every single time! Once the property manager acknowledged her error and the costs associated by assuming “he was a good tenant, he would tell me” they disappeared and I never heard from them again. One tenant did follow up weeks later asking when I was coming to treat, as the property manager refused to deal with the problem. The last day I inspected brought the total to 6 infested suites from 1 problem suite. Integrated pest management program, if your not using it, your doing it wrong! Plain and simple….

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