Money down the drain.

This is a unique situation which does not happen very often, yet often enough to make awareness.
$6000 worth of treatments, 3 months, 4 different pest control companies, and then me!
This house had been destroyed by the previous exterminators, holes in the walls, carpet along walls lifted, all electrical and light covers removed and missing, light fixtures removed or hanging by their wires. First off the tenants were not cooperative from the beginning, which if it was me as a tenant I would not have been cooperative as well, their procedure did not make sense and ended up being evicted. This infestation started out as an average/large infestation of approx 1-1.5 years old and only in 2 out of 5 bedrooms. Even though the tenants were not cooperative, it still would have been beneficial to have them stay until month end before having them removed. First was a heat treatment. Vacant house which sounds simple with heat, yet the tenants were immediately evicted which meant the bedbugs had ample time to hitch hike out or find a good safe place to hide. Long story short it didn’t work. Their machine was only capable of heat treating 800sq ft and the house was totaling over 1800sq ft. The heat company knew that there was no way their machine would work and that’s when the heat company stopped answering her calls.  She moved onto a large nation wide pest control company who demanded 3 treatments a week apart from each other. (Spraying chemical without a food source available is not effective one bit, silly if you think otherwise)
3 weeks and 3 treatments later, no results as bugs were still being spotted after the third treatment. How were the bugs spotted? Stressed out, the owner would go sit on the floor and relax which brought a few out that were willing to take the risk.
Next was another large franchised company, this company sprayed 2 times with no luck and again stopped answering her calls.
She tried one more except this time it was a local owner operator. He drilled approx 40+ holes in the walls all throughout the house and applied several types of powders. He also sprayed once. After finding more live bugs, he also stopped accepting her calls. No one seemed to have an answer or solution until I got the call.
After inspecting the house, I was able to find a simple solution by applying 2 night watch machines and a verify in the house alone with a perimeter spray, yes a basic simple perimeter spray consisting of less than 1 liter of chemical. I was the only exterminator in Saskatoon that not only used Tempo wp20, I also used it combination with a night watch and verify. Night watch and verify are two tools available for vacant suites or houses. It slowly releases co2 and heat relative to body temperature to lure the bugs out of their hiding. 2 weeks later there was not a single sign of a live bug.

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