Bat bugs

Bat bugs? A new client started to see a pattern with the old exterminator. 20 out of 80 suites required bedbug treatments year after year always around the same time. The exterminator never had an answer to why the coincidence or give an explanation. I got the call and started inspecting as there was no way this building could have such a large bedbug infestation. One tenant said the bedbugs he found were during the day and on the wall. Ok, that’s not hard to believe as bedbugs have been known to be seen during the day and on walls, be it only when there is a disturbance or large infestation. During the inspection, not one suite had bedbugs that I could find except what the tenants provided me. If this infestation was large enough to be every year, the signs would be everywhere,yet nothing, not one single sign. I was new to bat bugs myself, yet I did have some knowledge shared with me from Dr Bob Randell of the University Saskatchewan. I started to implement the IPMP (integrated pest management program) with the tenants and landlord by monitoring for 2 weeks to find the pattern and on the odd chance, find a bug.
The temperature started to drop during the 2 weeks which started the hibernation process of the bats. 2 weeks later, monitoring was done, bugs were found and identified. This bug was hairy, darker, yet still looked identical as a bedbug, yet I knew it wasn’t, it was a bat bug. Normally for bedbugs you need to bag everything that is fabric, wash and dry all those items, and monitor, with a bat bug treatment, it simply consists of a perimeter spray, and seal all lights and fans in the ceiling. There can be a few other things that may need to be done depending location. What’s a bat bug? Bedbugs evolved from bat bugs. What does mean to you? Bat bugs will never reproduce from feeding off of humans, the feeding routine of bat bugs is not the same or as often as bedbugs, and Bat bugs do not hide where bedbugs do. Best thing about bat bugs, it’s typically only $100-200 to treat for them. Bat bugs usually make their way into your living space via washroom fan/vent, light fixture in ceilings, and possibly along boiler heating pipes. One thing to keep in mind it can be more expensive to get rid of the bats than anything which I do not do, I only get rid of the bugs, yet I can provide information how to relocate bats.

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