First Large Infestation

Only Client I have ever asked to remove furniture!
Don’t get me wrong, I did get a few big ones yet this job takes the trophy.
 This was a brand new client, as I was walking to my vehicle which was parked at the back of building only to find a tenant from the new clients building and he was placing an old wooden bed frame in the alleyway. I could not believe my eyes, heck I could see the feces marks on the bed frame at 30ft away, yes 30 feet away, blew my mind. never have I seen such a bed frame, the black feces spots were in mounds and the bright white eggs blended in looked like gooey salt and pepper. The amount of questions that were running through my head was almost headache worthy. What stood out to me was the fact I did not see any bugs on the frame. Did they fall off while he was carrying it out? Did he spray the bed frame before leaving the suite? With the amount of feces there should have been at least a few dozen yet not one. I started to approach yet the tenant turned back and headed into the building that I just came from. I followed him back into the building to confirm which suite he was in. I proceeded to go talk to the new client about his tenant, their reply “oh not him, if he had an issue he would tell us”. That right there is a huge red flag, I have never met a client that has not said those words and not had an infestation.If you are a landlord or owner that says that about your clients, give your head a shack and go inspect their place, it might not be bugs, yet it could be electrical, mold, etc, simply take it as a sign to inspect.
Two days later I finally got permission into the suite and that’s when the story started to unfold.
“How long since you noticed your first bite?” I ask.
“Umm years ago…..” The tenant responded.
I looked around the bachelor suite before entering, they were all over the suite,  in the computer, in the light fixtures, piles on the floor against the heater yet the eau de resistance was the mattress. Words will not describe this bed. What was once blue and white was now red, black, brown from all the blood stains and squished bugs.
“I got them awhile back from work, I had to go in an infested place.” Client’s tenant said
They were everywhere,
“10 years ago?” I asked
“Yeah you could say that” client responded.
After 2 treatments and a vacant suite treatment, the bed bug problem was finally solved. 8 directly connecting suites had a second treatment as precaution due to infestation size. The remaining 27 suites were completed in only one treatment. Prior to me entering the building, every suite in the building had been treated multiple times over a 10 year period except this one suite.
I started to question, did the other pest control companies know his suite was the problem suite and continued to ignore it only to make more money by repeatedly doing treatments? All any exterminator had to do in the past was follow the IPMP (Integrated Pest Management Program/Plan). This would have identified that this tenant was the source of the buildings problems. My calculations show that the building had spent approx $60,000-80,000 in treatment costs, rentalsmen cases, and lost rental income from tenants abandoning suites do to the infestation.
Due to the psychological impact bedbugs caused the client like stress, embarrassment, shame, fear, he was able to talk his way out of being inspected. This means that not one exterminator did their jobs properly otherwise this one suite would not have caused this many problems. I cannot imagine how many random people in the community (not the building) got infested by this gentleman.
Thanks for reading!

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